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teevee talk because i have actually been following shows lately

Because I swear I can talk about something other than comics once in a blue moon:

1. Community: So I've been informed by multiple parties that I should pretend that the season finale doesn't exist, so I'm going to go right on ahead and do that. Romance is nearly always my least favorite part of any media, anyway. Especially genre shows - let's face it, the Sawyer/Jack/Kate love triangle pretty much killed my interest in the show. I think it's partly because there's a 99.9 percent chance that the romance will be restrictively heteronormative and my desire to not have to think about that sort of universe when I'm trying to just be entertained.

And I can actually bear Jeff when he and Britta are being friends and egging each other on to do stupid shit together, but if that's going to be backburnered in favor of the usual sitcom romance bullshit then I might start having to edit them out of my episodes in the second season, because life is just too short, you know?

So instead of ranting for three pages about how modern day television enrages me and how I already miss Justin Suarez (BECAUSE I DO): more friendship antics, less romance bullshit.

2. Treme:
I love this show so much that I can't really even talk about it. It's just fabulous and I love the music and the pacing and how can people say that there's nothing going on in this show? It's chock-full of happenings! The ladies are all fierce as hell, too, and did I mention the music? I had this problem with The Wire, too, where my fannishness for it somehow transcended fandom, if that makes any sense? Anyway, I am happily along for the ride here.

The one thing that bothers me, and it is a big thing: this show is taking pains to portray the artistic culture of New Orleans. How come our only hint that there might be a queer community comes in the form of the "gentrifying" white gay couple who are eventually won over by Davis' douchebag antics? That shit, it ain't right. To be completely and utterly blunt here, where the hell are the drag queens? I'm a queer Southerner with some pretty basic knowledge of the queer South, and a New Orleans with a dequeered culture is... just not New Orleans to me. At all. It's the same sort of basic wrongness that made me so pissed off about Aaron Sorkin's completely homo-free show business community in Studio 60. WHY DO YOU MAKE US HATE YOU, AARON?

(Oh man, don't get me started on Aaron Sorkin, actually. His recent editorial in which he stuck his nose into the Newsweek thing and lectured us all on basically wanting out queer role models on our televisions was... special.)

Also, I'm worried about how... true to life the plot trajectory of the busker couple is going to be. And I think elaboration on that could be a massive spoiler, and possibly an incorrect one, so I'll say nothing more on that subject.

Also also, I hope that it becomes more evident that Davis is supposed to be just a jackass instead of a lovable jackass, because he is a generally awful person.

3. Doctor Who: This show has never captivated me before now - I glutted myself on selected greatest hits of the Tenth Doctor a couple of weeks ago when I had insomnia and couldn't look at AiS for one moment longer: Blink! Silence in the Library! (Holy shit, River Song is so hot that I really cannot deal. I totally had a crush on her when she was on ER and I was a baby gay.) Right now I'm currently blasting my way through the new season and I don't know if it's in my head but the writing seems a hell of a lot sharper, the cheesiness factor taken down a notch but not in favor of being Darker and Edgier, thank goodness, and at times it's genuinely frightening (I know I'm totally late to the party on this, but BLINK HOLY SHIT and then it's recent two-parter follow-up, which is totally the Aliens to Blink's Alien). Whereas Tennant was often a bit too grating in his manic energy, Matt Smith is that perfect mix of badass competence, faily adorkability, and compassion that is apparently everything that I want the Doctor to be. It's generally non-faily, it's brisk and funny and fun, and I'm perfectly happy with it.

I'm not entirely thrilled by the Amy/Doctor weird maybe UST, but not overly bothered by it, either, and Rory is adorable and needs to hang around more. And, okay, if wanting Doctor/Amy/Rory is wrong, THEN I DON'T WANNA BE RIGHT. Please tell me there's some out there, because Rory's totally crushin' on that just as much as Amy, he just doesn't want to admit it.

I would kill for a fic where Bart's a Companion. Or Kara. OR JAIME AS A COMPANION AW SHIT I JUST LOST THE GAME.

And now, a meme, since I don't know if I've done a DW icon meme yet: Reply to this post, and I will tell you my favorite icon of yours. Then post this to your own journal using your own favorite icon. I'm an indecisive soul, so it'll probably be more like three, so.

ETA: Also, I'm sort of going on a subscribing spree, so if you've left an interesting comment either here or in a friend's journal and I like the cut of your jib, I'm being a creeper and adding you. I am KATE. I write fic and slightly self-righteous meta, usually about comics. I also enjoy salmon.

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