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In the very near future, I'm going to post my huge post of annotations, meta, and all-around TL;DR about Adventures in Solitude, as well as a very beloved side-story that was cut out at the last minute and was a case of me killing my darlings. However, I'm still in the phase where I'm sort of detoxing from finishing it and reallllllly need a break from that, so.

DRABBLE MEME. I'm long-winded, so when I say Drabble I really mean Ficlet, which could be anything from 100 to 400 words.

Fandoms: DCU, some Marvel, and now I feel like I could be comfortable enough to write Community so you could try that. Cracked-out crossovers are also welcome. And, even though I just said above that I'm in a bit of AiS detox, I could still totally write stuff set in that verse if y'all wanted, aka ahahahaha I am totally inconsistent.

Note: while I'm aware of certain parts of DCU current canon, I haven't read or cared for all of it. So feel free to request something new canon-based, but I might not be able to fill it. Also, I tend not to write het, for those of you just tuning in, though I could try if I love you enough. Anything queer or gennish is fine and dandy, though.
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I hear you on the detoxing. I feel the same way about my Big Bang, kind of the way I do when I've got a bad cold. You know that head disconnected from the body feeling? Something like that.

Very much looking forward to your TL;DR, whenever you feel like posting. In case I've not said it, AiS is one of the best fics I've read in years.

Oooh, drabbles! Um. I would adore gen Jaime interacting with Khaji Da... and maybe Batman(Bruce)? Prompt (if you want one): infrared.
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":-D Oh, Khaji! You are so adorably, gleefully disturbing!
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[suggested tactic: tits or gtfo]

*dies laughing*

You are awesome and Jaime is awesome and Scarab is the bestest, snidest, most adorably insane AI to ever weld itself to anyone's spine. ♥

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Alright, since I did promise patronage for Scarab trolling Jaime fic, how much should I make out the check for?

Scarab rickrolling Jaime in the middle of the fight is the best thing ever. Or maybe second best to if it were done while Jaime is having sex with Tim.

This is absolutely delightful. :D
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I don't care if you never finish the Jaime/Tim/Scarab thing (OKAY I DO I'M REALLY EXCITED FOR THAT OMG BUT NONETHELESS), I have all the Khaji-da I need riiiiiiiight heeeeeere. :D
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Earth-11 fic: Any incarnation of Jimena/Paca/New Earth!Brenda or Paca/any!Kon

or any kind of trans spectrum Jaime Paco or Brenda fic. Orrr any blend of the two!

Edit how could I forget: Or Jaime/Tim/Khaji-da (AiS or elsewhere!), or Jaime/Bart/Khaji-da, or Jaime/Bart/Tim/Khaji-da (AiS or elsewhere!), orrrrrrrr Jaime/Jason/Khaji-da!

OR MIA/CASSIE/KARA (AiS or elsewhere :D)

OR LA DAMA/ANYONE OF YOUR CHOOSING (esp. Helena, I feel you could do La Dama/Helena like nobody ever could before you) OR LA DAMA & ANYONE OF YOUR CHOOSING OR JUST LA DAMA GEN, OR RENEE/HELENA (NATCH)

OR BART/CASSIE/KARA OR BART&CASSIE&KARA OR BART&CASSIE OR BART/JASON (for most of these: AiS blah blah you get the idea)




These are all options rather than requests, I hope this is very very clear! I could also always tell you my favorite of the ones you think are doable-r to narrow down this ridiculous list.
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Re: i need a pg/atlee icon omg

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Well, at least your PG fic is.
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Re: i need a pg/atlee icon omg

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You've made me so, so happy!
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sorry i am so late replying to this! BUT!!! I LOVE YOUR PEEJ/ATLEE ICON OMG

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I love that you acknowledge the age difference that skeeves some out (ha, me, I can suspend disbelief since I have no idea of how old Atlee is supposed to be but she reads like some of my more wide-eyed me-aged RL friends, but I won't pretend I can't understand people's discomfort), but resolve it in a way so perfectly PGlicious - where every villain can be saved by the power of love, family friendly charm, and pragmatic logic - I'm still grinning. And I love love love the sheer PG and Terraliciousness of this overall; with so few words you manage to convey everything I adore about the series and the characters and the relationship, in a concept I can so easily picture showing up as a canon scene. Seriously. :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD I haven't read any other PG/Atlee fic, BUT I DOUBT IT CAN POSSIBLY TOP THIS EVER. *___*