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So I tried to make up some sort of Best of 2010 list and discovered that I was merely bitching about things. So here's more of a garbled collection of thoughts:

J. and I really enjoyed The Maid a few days ago, but I stand by my assertion that 2010 was a total shit year for film, if only by my own standards. Everything involving The Social Network makes me cringe, Inception grows more and more baldly ridiculous the more that the hype fades (unpopular opinion, and I usually love Nolan, but I couldn't get past the hackneyed script), and don't get me started about Black Swan. Somos Lo Que Hay: still the best film of the year, IMO, and if it doesn't become the sleeper sophisticated horror hit of 2011 I'll wail and gnash my teeth.

Music fared a bit better - there were multiple new albums that I adored from start to finish. Here's a small mixtape of 2010 music that I really enjoyed: 2010-ish music from Kate.

Red Hood: Lost Days and Young Avengers: Awesome Crusade made comics worthwhile in 2010 (with a brief shout-out to Morning Glories, which isn't the most unique take on the teenage conspiracy genre but is certainly doing it with enough verve to keep me coming back for more). I'm pretty much done with the Batfamily for the time being, due to irreconcilable differences.

So, the story I wrote for Yuletide: freedom we shall also shout, starring the Uruguayan national football team. I had originally wanted to write the Adventures of Solitude-length ensemble epic, but Real Life got into the way. Am I in danger in writing a huge post about the NT soon? I perhaps may be.
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Thanks for the music!
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Your movie responses are fascinating!

I am downloading the music, as I have started needing new sounds to escape my constant thinking about failure.

Please post more of what you are doing!