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The last part of Adventures in Solitude has now been posted. I'd like to sincerely apologize for the delay - my modem threatened to die on me over the weekend and is really only now working normal-ish again. I didn't mean to leave you all hanging! Anyway, now it's up and I am totally kicking back with blackcurrant beer and some brownie bites to celebrate.

I'm going to post some more in-depth story notes in a day or so, as soon as I recover from posting the longest piece of fiction that I've ever completed(!). So if you have any particular questions or things that you'd like to hear me ramble on about (because believe me, I will ramble) feel free to comment or whatnot.
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Written for comicsbigbang and finally, finally ready to be unveiled. After eight months! After two terms of school! Three vacations! Countless cups of tea! After two extremely badly-timed internet outages! IT. IS. FINISHED.

Title: Adventures in Solitude
Fandom: DC Comics, Titans-centric
Rating: Adult (aka there be sexing in here, boys and girls)
Warnings: Underage sex/drinking, NSFW macro images in Part Two
Pairings: Jaime/Tim(/Scarab), Cassie/Mia, Tim/Surveillance, Bart/Shenanigans, Titans/The Past, Linda/Linda/Linda, Paco/Brenda, Paco/Kon/Cows, Author/Sentiment.
Notes: A million thanks to Gloss, for being endlessly encouraging, Mona, for reading a draft that read like Swiss cheese and still giving encouraging, insightful, and enthusiastic feedback and encouragement, and Jube, who was my personal cheerleader, hand-holder, and provider of several of the more out-there plot twists. This one's for y'all.

Section titles are from the New Pornographers album “Challengers”.

Part One
Part Two

Art by the utterly fantabulous vange is here. Go. Look at the pretties.

And now, a few extras:

playlist, etc )
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Written for [profile] comicsbigbang and finally, finally ready to be unveiled.

Title: Adventures in Solitude
Fandom: DC Comics, Titans-centric
Rating: Adult (aka there be sexing in here, boys and girls)
Warnings: Underage sex/drinking, language.
Pairings: Jaime/Tim(/Scarab), Cassie/Mia, Tim/Surveillance, Bart/Shenanigans, Linda/Linda/Linda, Paco/Brenda, Paco/Kon/Cows, Author/Sentiment.
Notes: A million thanks to Gloss, for being endlessly encouraging, Mona, for reading a draft that read like Swiss cheese and still being able to give gleeful, insightful, and enthusiastic feedback, and Jube, who was my personal cheerleader, hand-holder, and provider of several of the more out-there plot twists. This one's for y'all.

Art by the fantabulous [personal profile] vange right here. LOOKIT THEIR LITTLE FACES, PEOPLE.

Notes on how I'm using canon: )

Adventures in Solitude, Part One )

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A very very very happiest of birthdays to [personal profile] gloss, an amazing writer, an amazing friend and a clear, courageous voice. Me and ole Sunglasses Scarab hope that you had/are having the best of all possible days, as you thoroughly deserve it.

I wish that I had something today for you present-wise, but I guess you'll have to wait until Saturday? For something you've... already read. Whups.

Semi-related thought: I haven't had an icon party post since I moved over to DW, have I? Methinks this should be changed in the near future, especially now that I'm slowly but surely filling up my HUNDRED ICON SLOTS sorry I'm still all excited over that. Big Bang goes first, though. Sigh. Almost over.
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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, this is awesome. 100 ICONS OF JAIME. MAYBE.

I, um, just worked all day on the BB draft and sent it out to Team Beta. I'm going to go hide under a rock for about 48 hours now, AKA not look at the story for about twelve hours, play Sims, and try not to worry about everyone hating it BECAUSE THAT IS STUPID.
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The Big Bang draft is due at 11:59 TONIGHT. I can make the deadline, but it might be a bumpy ride, seeing as my favorite scene hasn't really been written yet. Whoops.

I CAN DO IT, THOUGH. Part of which is turning off the internet until tonight, so this is my post out into the great wild internet yonder.

PRESENT BEFORE I GO: David Bazan - Fewer Broken Pieces this song is so recent canon Tim that it is scary:

one good friend remarks with a rightfully angry
"jesus, dude, none of us know what to do with you."
i in my pride responded "i've got news for you
none of you have to."

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When I was first getting into comics, it was near the beginning of the Beechen run of Robin. I'm much less sympathetic towards it now than I was at the time, but it was still my first exposure to current Tim, and I can't train myself out of being fond for the red suit and his ridiculous angst before it got too incredibly ridiculous. Plus, the Williams II art! He draws the bitchiest of Timfaces.

The first issue of the Robin series I ever, ever read was #150 (the second was the Zero Hour tie-in with shortpants Dick? Two Robins, no waiting?), and while the majority of the issue is concerned with Cass' character assassination, there was one moment that forever cemented my crazy love for Tim and his brilliant, brilliant crazy.
case in point )
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[community profile] three_weeks_for_dw is unfortunately coinciding with revision times/FINALS TIMES UGH, so it'll be more like two_weeks_for_me, but I really want to do this one because I know I've been promising meta recently:

What kind of topics/entries would you like to see me posting about? Any particular questions you've always wanted to ask me but have resisted because the answer would be a huge essay? Ever want to wind me up and watch me go on a particular topic? Anything you've heard me say "I should write that entry about _________ I've been meaning to write" and have been patiently waiting for?

Feel free to comment now, and I'll get back to these sometime within the three weeks. This way your suggestions can be all percolating in the back of my head whilst I study/revise/tear my hair out holy shit. Also, open to everyone. Lurkers welcome!

(TEAM BETA: I have made this sooooo fucking complicated for myself, but YOUR EXPERTISE WILL BE NEEDED... SOMETIME IN THE NEXT WEEK. I have a final the day that some sort of final draft is due, OF COURSE, but then posting doesn't start until May 10th so the "final" version I turn in doesn't have to be the final version that I post. Long story short, I'm in the middle of fits of inspiration and ecstasy and filling in blanks, and the story that you will receive to read will be about 98% complete. Current word count is ~31,000. It will be more by the end of the week when I send it out. This thing is getting fucking finished and it will be glorious I swear to Scarab.

I'm more than a bit stressed out about this because there's the story that it could easily be, and then there's the story that I WANT it to be, and I'm so afraid that time constraints and fear of taking risks (okay, time constraints) will make me settle for the easier route and this is the longest fic I've ever written with the intention of actually posting it in a complete manner and oh god I want to do Jaime justice because there is NO Jaime longfic out there and that's more than a little bit intimidating. I know I'm overthinking this but it's been in my head for SO LONG and I'm so worried that it's hackneyed and silly but oh man I want to do some of the more implicit things in it justice.

Ugh I hate how full of myself I sound. I just WANT TO DO JAIME JUSTICE.)
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Between the Jasonapolooza, JLI Redux (now with 100% more Jaime!), and what I've put behind the cut, this is going to be a very awesome summer in which I actually start giving my LCS money again.



Apr. 15th, 2010 07:52 pm
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I was going to restart my writing juices by writing drabbles/short ficlets for my own benefit set in the universe of the story so I could get back into the feel of it all, and I was going to prompt myself by going all shuffley on my I-Tunes, but then the third song I got back was this and got all wibbly. Yeah yeah yeah it's the anthem of choice for all sad bastard teenagers, but not too long ago I was that sad bastard teenager and I hadn't heard the song in ages.

And the worst part is that it totally inspired me to construct backstory that won't actually go into the story but is succeeding wrt getting back into the writing groove and thinking about this particular universe. Curse you, sad bastard music!


Apr. 14th, 2010 04:13 pm
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COMICSBIGBANG NEEDS ARTISTS. There are a few left in particular that will break my heart if they're not accounted for. So if you're artistically inclined (and fanmixes/icons are now being allowed as well) consider taking a gander.
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Amidst all of the end of semester stress, RL stress and editing my damn Jaime story, I suddenly want to sign up for Ladies Big Bang to write a story where, instead of falling victim to the Arrow family's abundant manpain, Lian and Mia are knocked into 616 New York right before before that certain plotpoint in Cry for Justice and, heh. Marvel at this brave new world, with such Avengers in it.

This would eventually become really hot Mia/Kate Bishop pornshipping in between the fish out of water shenanigans and fix-it ficcisms.
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Give me a character or a pairing* that I have written about lately/have talked about writing about lately/am obviously just fond of and I will make you, the requester, a four to six song playlist for the character and pairing, accompanied by me gabbing about it. I'd usually have a drabble option, but I'm currently in the middle of the magical land of term papers and therefore have to save my writing energy, sadly.

*Except Jaime/Tim. You'll be getting that one soon enough. Jaime/anyone else is entirely fair game.
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I have TURNED IN MY BIG BANG ROUGH DRAFT, ladies and gentlemen. It is by no means a full story, but the framework is there, it's over ten thousand words, and hopefully my summary is interesting enough to lure in potential artists without giving away the farm. So that's that. For now.

I'm going to be on spring break from, well, day after tomorrow until this time next week, basically. The lead up to this supposed vacation has been, of course, a fucking logistical nightmare and it kinda makes me want to just spend the week in bed instead, but whatever. Not sure about internet access at this point, so be excellent to each other.
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Exhibit A: the sales totals for the Cry For Justice miniseries. The sales figures for the issue in which a young girl was senselessly killed for the sake of cheap drama have yet to come in, but from everywhere I've read people are expecting a bump because of the notoriety.

Exhibit B: these statements from the writer of Phonogram on why we won't be seeing the planned third series:

-There's a difference between making only a little money and starving. We're very much in the latter. Jamie's lucky to get a couple of hundred dollars from an issue... Will we make some money off the trade? Maybe. And that's a big maybe. But that means Jamie not earning any money for the six months it would take to draw it, which is the main reason why we took over a year to do 7 issues. As in, every time Jamie ran out of money, he had to stop and do something else.

-I feel frustrated. Enormously lucky, sure, but frustrated. We've done this wonderful thing we're crazy-proud about. But if the whole economic system was just a couple of degrees to the left, everything would have been different. I mean, just to give you an idea about narrow the margins are between what we are and what we could be, if we were selling 6K instead of 4K, we could have done those 44 issues. The difference between breaking even and actually being able to do it in comics is insane. It's like being kept under ice, clawing.

Hypothesis: for all of the bitching at various capitalists in charge of various comic book companies, at the end of the day we get the comics we deserve.

Possible Argument.

Possible Counterargument.
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So this is what happens when you wake up at six in the morning to largely finish your paper and it's too early to start the next one and you're maybe kinda procrastinating on your Big Bang.

This is dedicated to [personal profile] gloss and [personal profile] jubilancy (who may not know who the Mystery Solving Teens are but who certainly enjoys teenage boys being doofuses as long as they're fictional). This was inspired by [personal profile] gloss's lgbtfest prompt, but I'm not sure if the finished product counts exactly, so here it is. I've been wanting to write these dudes since Yuletide, people.

(Also, do you know how hard it is to write when neither of the two characters have names? And it just didn't seem right giving them any, so second person it is. Sorry about that. Fic from POV of the Mystery Solving Teen with the t-shirt and the shaggy hair. Also, the run-on sentences are a feature, not a bug. Or both, maybe?)

went to the park to get the scoop - aka the mystery solving teens spout dubious slang and get it on )

Bonus! Get your motherfucking Mystery Solving Teens icons here:


They are all for sharing if you're down with that. I'm feeling like a bit of an icon Communist today. Credit Kate Beaton, not me.
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Official rough draft stats:

Pages: 54

Words: 23,137

Integral Scenes Still Entirely Unwritten: 3/3.5

Integral Scenes in Need of Further Elaboration: 6

Standing Plot Holes: 2

Estimated Wordcount by Deadline: 27,000-30,000

Worries of Characterization Fail: Legion

The Difficulty of Creating a Convincing Dramatic Macro: Harder than expected!

"Oh, Shit, what did I get myself into" Quotient: through the roof
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I'd like to thank everyone who left good wishes on my last post. I'd like to especially thank Jube, who threatened me with dismemberment (with love!) when I was considering binning my story and leaving fandom in a huff. (Though for the record, I still think Jason needs to set up a phone poll for this bullshit. But I digress.)

So. The rough draft deadline for comicsbigbang is coming up at the end of the month. I'll be out of the country and without internet at the end of the month, so I was wanting to turn it in by the 28th or so.

Consequently, I AM LOOKING FOR A FEW GOOD BETA READERS. I already have a couple who I know will definitely read it, but I'd like, how should I put this? I want people who have either never read my fiction before or who haven't known me for very long. I guess I'm focus-grouping this in a way; I want people who know me and know what I'm trying to accomplish, but I also want readers who don't necessarily know that because the audience won't know me for the most part. There is no set number; if you wanna read, you can read.


Oh! And if anyone doesn't know yet, the story stars Jaime "Made of Awesome" Reyes and costars various Titans, various Reyes, and a few... interesting cameos.

Vampire Abed thanks you in advance.

ETA: Thank you, darlings, I have a good number now, though if you absolutely must have in on this gravy train I will not say no. ([personal profile] gloss and [personal profile] jubilancy, your inclusion was automatically assumed and I hope that's alright. :)
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Gay for Justice finished today. I made the mistake of reading it. Which is the equivalent of putting my hand on the stove, I know, but I wanted to read it firsthand. )
Though I did get my hands on Girl Comics #1 today and I heartily recommend it, as it is a breath of fresh air. Fun fresh air that unfortunately didn't do a lick of good for me.

tl;dr version: Temporary hiatus. Be excellent to each other.
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Since you are now the new creative boss of DC Comics, allow me to give a few suggestions on how to solve a particular thorn in your company's side.

How do you solve a problem like Teen Titans? )

Alright, back to Tennyson.


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