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A few months back, I mentioned to some of you that I was trying to write a current canon Tim story. Or, rather, me attempting to make current canon Tim a Tim I would like to write about, because GOOD NIGHT I have some issues with the past year or so of DC Bat-stuff. Sadly, I don't think it's gonna happen, even though I really wanted it to, but that's no reason not to share some of it with the world. The following includes the Kate-cap of the last few issues of Red Robin, my reaction(s) to it, and my attempted solution in the shape of fic, with commentary on the stuff I was planning on writing.

Don't expect anything amazing here. This is more about getting the idea out out so I don't feel guilt about it anymore.

WIP AMNESTY: Sweet Talk, Sweet Talk )
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So this is what happens when you wake up at six in the morning to largely finish your paper and it's too early to start the next one and you're maybe kinda procrastinating on your Big Bang.

This is dedicated to [personal profile] gloss and [personal profile] jubilancy (who may not know who the Mystery Solving Teens are but who certainly enjoys teenage boys being doofuses as long as they're fictional). This was inspired by [personal profile] gloss's lgbtfest prompt, but I'm not sure if the finished product counts exactly, so here it is. I've been wanting to write these dudes since Yuletide, people.

(Also, do you know how hard it is to write when neither of the two characters have names? And it just didn't seem right giving them any, so second person it is. Sorry about that. Fic from POV of the Mystery Solving Teen with the t-shirt and the shaggy hair. Also, the run-on sentences are a feature, not a bug. Or both, maybe?)

went to the park to get the scoop - aka the mystery solving teens spout dubious slang and get it on )

Bonus! Get your motherfucking Mystery Solving Teens icons here:


They are all for sharing if you're down with that. I'm feeling like a bit of an icon Communist today. Credit Kate Beaton, not me.
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Oh my god, is DC going to fall into a black hole of endless Lantern events and variant covers now that Johns is in charge at the asylum?

(Countdown to the storyline adapted from Geoff Johns' fanfiction drawer [bc you know he has one] where Cassie, Kon and Tim have to have a threesome to save the universe: begins now.)

Meme du jour: Leave a comment on this post and I will pick three of your fandoms. Then you get to answer the following questions. Except that three sounds like a bit much, so I'll do one or two because these are a lot of questions. [personal profile] haunted prompted me for the following:
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Finally, a very special pic.

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So Tim was like this: Cue the Strings - Low

But now he's more like this: Walk Into the Sea - Low Still depressio as all hell, but at least a little more chipper about it.

Anyway, as delightful as Tim and Kon's interactions have been, someone's been missing.

rule of thirds: 850ish words. written this morning during class and therefore probably a bit doofy. )
I love how I was making fun of the "Bart tells it like it is" trope less than forty-eight hours ago, and now I am wallowing in it with gleeful abandon.

And a link which is related if you squint the right way: AHAHAHAHAHAHA.


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