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When I was first getting into comics, it was near the beginning of the Beechen run of Robin. I'm much less sympathetic towards it now than I was at the time, but it was still my first exposure to current Tim, and I can't train myself out of being fond for the red suit and his ridiculous angst before it got too incredibly ridiculous. Plus, the Williams II art! He draws the bitchiest of Timfaces.

The first issue of the Robin series I ever, ever read was #150 (the second was the Zero Hour tie-in with shortpants Dick? Two Robins, no waiting?), and while the majority of the issue is concerned with Cass' character assassination, there was one moment that forever cemented my crazy love for Tim and his brilliant, brilliant crazy.
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Oh my god, is DC going to fall into a black hole of endless Lantern events and variant covers now that Johns is in charge at the asylum?

(Countdown to the storyline adapted from Geoff Johns' fanfiction drawer [bc you know he has one] where Cassie, Kon and Tim have to have a threesome to save the universe: begins now.)

Meme du jour: Leave a comment on this post and I will pick three of your fandoms. Then you get to answer the following questions. Except that three sounds like a bit much, so I'll do one or two because these are a lot of questions. [personal profile] haunted prompted me for the following:
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Finally, a very special pic.

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Okay, so I haven't been participating in the chromatic recasting meme for various reasons, including the fact that I am lazy*. But I just noticed that nobody's recasted the Young Avengers yet which is a fucking travesty because Read more... )

*and also because when I cast my favorite characters, I want to cast ALL of my favorite characters. Which is my way of saying INTERNET, BRING ME PICTURES OF ADORABLE POTENTIAL JAIME REYESES.

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This journal will turn into something that isn't an image dump soon. Hopefully. As soon as finals end.

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In order to help me get through finals/final assignments, I have just procured what can only be called a SHIT-TON of junk food.

Yeah, yeah, I know, healthy food is best for the brain, but I've already got my favorite Crock-pot healthy sensations planned (for those of you just tuning in, yes I have a Crock-Pot. I love it only like a lesbian ironical homemaker could). This is a supplement. A supplement of delicious food I've been depriving myself of all semester. If I'm going to spend all weekend miserably writing papers, at least I will do it with a happy stomach.

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Nov. 15th, 2009 08:14 pm
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Okay, so I must have stopped reading Batstuff way earlier than I thought I did, because I have no idea where this panel comes from*. INTERNET, I AM ASKING YOUR HALP.


*okay, it's 99% likely to be from the Nicieza Robin stuff? After I stopped reading it? BUT STILL.
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I've been wanting to punch people in the face so much this week. So, who needs some Moment of Zen?

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Bring me your Images of Awesome? Bring me them. So I don't have to punch anyone in the face.

ETA: I'm tucking in for the night, but thank you all. Seriously. You cheered me up to no extent. *HARTS AND BARTS*


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