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The Big Bang draft is due at 11:59 TONIGHT. I can make the deadline, but it might be a bumpy ride, seeing as my favorite scene hasn't really been written yet. Whoops.

I CAN DO IT, THOUGH. Part of which is turning off the internet until tonight, so this is my post out into the great wild internet yonder.

PRESENT BEFORE I GO: David Bazan - Fewer Broken Pieces this song is so recent canon Tim that it is scary:

one good friend remarks with a rightfully angry
"jesus, dude, none of us know what to do with you."
i in my pride responded "i've got news for you
none of you have to."



Apr. 15th, 2010 07:52 pm
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I was going to restart my writing juices by writing drabbles/short ficlets for my own benefit set in the universe of the story so I could get back into the feel of it all, and I was going to prompt myself by going all shuffley on my I-Tunes, but then the third song I got back was this and got all wibbly. Yeah yeah yeah it's the anthem of choice for all sad bastard teenagers, but not too long ago I was that sad bastard teenager and I hadn't heard the song in ages.

And the worst part is that it totally inspired me to construct backstory that won't actually go into the story but is succeeding wrt getting back into the writing groove and thinking about this particular universe. Curse you, sad bastard music!
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Give me a character or a pairing* that I have written about lately/have talked about writing about lately/am obviously just fond of and I will make you, the requester, a four to six song playlist for the character and pairing, accompanied by me gabbing about it. I'd usually have a drabble option, but I'm currently in the middle of the magical land of term papers and therefore have to save my writing energy, sadly.

*Except Jaime/Tim. You'll be getting that one soon enough. Jaime/anyone else is entirely fair game.
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Let's make a deal: if you enjoy this comic, you have to promise to buy the trade when it comes out (I'm pretty sure it isn't out Stateside yet), because I know I'm going to. It isn't the best issue; that honor goes to #7 (and I serendipitously got really into TV On The Radio about a week before reading it), but #4 is my sentimental favorite. I'm going away for a few days, and will probably get rid of this post when I come back, because I feel bad enough about sharing a copy here since the series is critically acclaimed but didn't make a lot of money. Anyway.

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So Tim was like this: Cue the Strings - Low

But now he's more like this: Walk Into the Sea - Low Still depressio as all hell, but at least a little more chipper about it.

Anyway, as delightful as Tim and Kon's interactions have been, someone's been missing.

rule of thirds: 850ish words. written this morning during class and therefore probably a bit doofy. )
I love how I was making fun of the "Bart tells it like it is" trope less than forty-eight hours ago, and now I am wallowing in it with gleeful abandon.

And a link which is related if you squint the right way: AHAHAHAHAHAHA.
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For [personal profile] gloss, here is a collection of outtakes from the official playlist for this huge story I've been working on. Yes, selecting music to accompany my stories is that big of a deal for me. There are outtakes not because they suck, but because I already have a song that fits that purpose or another song by the same artist. But I still took pains to structure this so it's all smooth and playlisty.

Warnings for twee and depressio at the same time.

Outtakes Track Listing:

1. The Electric Version - The New Pornographers
2. Brand New Colony - The Postal Service
3. ABC - The Pipettes
4. Heroes and Villains (Alternate Take) - The Beach Boys
5. The Devil - PJ Harvey
6. Between The Bars - Madeline Peyroux
7. Unguided - The New Pornographers*
8. One More Time With Feeling - Regina Spektor
9. Underage - The Hidden Cameras**
10. Parentheses - The Blow


*I'll admit that I'm pretty much writing the story to this band.
**This is more of a Tim/Dick song in my head, but the song's so fucking funny.


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