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I'm calling it already: Toy Story 3 is the film to beat for best of the year. It's also the saddest film I've seen in quite some time. It's everything that the genre should be, and it's funny that this franchise is still the gold standard for the last fifteen or so years of animation; nobody does it better.

I hope that everyone is having a grand Monday morning. I'm currently drinking some coffee, preparing to watch the last episode of Treme (I'M SO EXCITED! I'M SO SCARED!) and trying to get back into the swing of writing:

-there's the Jaime story that's a deleted scene from Adventures in Solitude that J's been waiting for me to finish for ages (and I can actually finish it now that I've found my long-misplaced notebook!).

-I've got a ramble in me about the New Pornographers concert I went to last week, tying into my long post of notes, commentary, and annotations on Adventures in Solitude.

-I've got a Jason story that needs to be told (any other details would be spoilery).

-Annnnnd Tumblr spam of Wondercassie back when she was a wee tomboy baby dyke has inspired me to write Cassie and Titans ladies fic.

What should I try my hand at first?
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I love being reminded of the fact that large swaths of fandom actually can't understand the difference between depiction and approval to save their life (the above link spoils the entirety of the movie Splice, btw, but I can quote if people want to know the gist without having it spoiled).

I saw Splice today and the person above... we didn't see the same movie, clearly. And maybe I'm privileged because I see a lot of film and read a lot about film, but an interpretation of the film that assumes that it's condoning and promoting what's going down is at best facile and at worst made in extremely bad faith.

And this is a separate issue from people getting triggered by material in the movie! Apparently the American marketing campaign really misrepresented the film, and I understand that. This movie is not for everyone. It is filled with fucked up stuff. But it isn't saying what the reviewer in the link above said it was saying. ARTISTIC COMPREHENSION, Y'ALL. YOU CAN HAS IT.
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As Halloween approaches, I have suddenly experienced a resurgence of love for good horror movies. In this post, I will share a few of my favorite non-obvious films (meaning no major Hollywood productions or horror classics, as much as I love them) that are a good fit for the season, with the hopes that people will share theirs in the comments.

I'm not promising that this is the most obscure shit ever (as I'm praising [REC] to the high heavens under the cut and it's pretty well known these days), but I love unearthing scary movies that I might not have heard of before. If I see anything good between now and Halloween, I'll add it to the list.
Kater's list of off the beaten path horror recommendations )
Please feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments! Older movies, foreign movies, indie movies, anything that isn't incredibly well known is welcomed. I'm planning on watching a lot of scary films through the end of the month, so this post will probably be updated until Halloween night. I'm currently checking out some of the great Hammer vampire classics.
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Man, this has been a GREAT year for intelligent genre film. First was Moon, and while District 9 had some real problems, don't get me wrong, it still was a pretty hefty film. And now I just checked out Pontypool, which I heartily freaking recommend, even more so if you try to come into it cold. Don't read reviews, don't watch the trailer, just get your hands on this beauty. It's smart as hell, surprisingly funny, and scary without ever utilizing cheap-ass jump scares. It was directed by the guy who did Hard Core Logo? Which I still haven't seen but I know it's a fandom favorite, so there's your carrot right there.

The IMDB page rags on the film for not being what they want it to be. THOSE PEOPLE ARE WRONG. It is BETTER.
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and the best part of the whole thing was recognizing Daniel Henney. Kim Sam-Soon made me cryyyyy. This movie? Did not, unless it was tears of laughter sparked by Gambit's accent.


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