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I'm calling it already: Toy Story 3 is the film to beat for best of the year. It's also the saddest film I've seen in quite some time. It's everything that the genre should be, and it's funny that this franchise is still the gold standard for the last fifteen or so years of animation; nobody does it better.

I hope that everyone is having a grand Monday morning. I'm currently drinking some coffee, preparing to watch the last episode of Treme (I'M SO EXCITED! I'M SO SCARED!) and trying to get back into the swing of writing:

-there's the Jaime story that's a deleted scene from Adventures in Solitude that J's been waiting for me to finish for ages (and I can actually finish it now that I've found my long-misplaced notebook!).

-I've got a ramble in me about the New Pornographers concert I went to last week, tying into my long post of notes, commentary, and annotations on Adventures in Solitude.

-I've got a Jason story that needs to be told (any other details would be spoilery).

-Annnnnd Tumblr spam of Wondercassie back when she was a wee tomboy baby dyke has inspired me to write Cassie and Titans ladies fic.

What should I try my hand at first?
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Because I swear I can talk about something other than comics once in a blue moon:

tv that i has been watching: community, treme, doctor who. not specifically spoilery but i'm cutting just in case because of general... spoileryness. )

And now, a meme, since I don't know if I've done a DW icon meme yet: Reply to this post, and I will tell you my favorite icon of yours. Then post this to your own journal using your own favorite icon. I'm an indecisive soul, so it'll probably be more like three, so.

ETA: Also, I'm sort of going on a subscribing spree, so if you've left an interesting comment either here or in a friend's journal and I like the cut of your jib, I'm being a creeper and adding you. I am KATE. I write fic and slightly self-righteous meta, usually about comics. I also enjoy salmon.
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a) My hatred for Damien Wayne and my hatred for Adam Lambert*: STRANGELY SIMILAR, especially measured against fandom's widespread love for them.

b) I have just now realized that "Competence Porn" John Rogers and "wrote twenty-odd issues of THE BEST COMICS EVER WITH 'BEETLE' IN THE NAME" John Rogers are one and the same! Would I enjoy Leverage? Are there those half-jokey, half-derisive gay jokes that plague most of television these days? I seriously can't handle gay jokes in my media right now, it's like one more knife in the eye.

*which isn't hatred really so much as extreme ambivalence which soars into annoyance when fandom treats him as the Gay Messiah. I hate to be the negative political Nancy (okay, so I kinda like) but two queer kids were fucking slaughtered last week. I know what I give more of a shit about. So please don't turn the comments into telling me how much I should love Adam Lambert? The week I've been having and that my community has been having, I will seriously cut you.
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Does anyone know of a Western world-based source text where all or almost all of the character deaths or departures are the straight white men? In texts where the character pool is significantly more varied than just straight white men, obviously.

Does such a source text even fucking exist? And I'm not trying to sound snide or trolly, I just honestly don't know, though I have my suspicions.

Tonight I tried to keep my story from becoming a full on musical because that's a bit hard to make work in the written word, and I watched Community for the first time. It was cute!


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