riseupwithfists: art by rick veitch (aww shitbuckets)
the artist formerly known as oneangrykate ([personal profile] riseupwithfists) wrote2010-04-30 10:15 am

Aggh crunchtime agggh.

The Big Bang draft is due at 11:59 TONIGHT. I can make the deadline, but it might be a bumpy ride, seeing as my favorite scene hasn't really been written yet. Whoops.

I CAN DO IT, THOUGH. Part of which is turning off the internet until tonight, so this is my post out into the great wild internet yonder.

PRESENT BEFORE I GO: David Bazan - Fewer Broken Pieces this song is so recent canon Tim that it is scary:

one good friend remarks with a rightfully angry
"jesus, dude, none of us know what to do with you."
i in my pride responded "i've got news for you
none of you have to."


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