riseupwithfists: art by rick veitch (kara: am not sure if want!)
the artist formerly known as oneangrykate ([personal profile] riseupwithfists) wrote2010-05-24 07:13 pm
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Ugh it is so bloody hot that even I, the hothouse orchid, am beginning to grow irked. Feeling drowsy in the middle of the day and thank you, upped meds, for the return of that special feeling is even worse when it's ninety degrees and no number of fans and open windows are making it better. I foresee a two am Slush Puppy* run in my future.

Am still taking ficletty requests, btw! I can't get to filling them until tomorrow because of work, but I've already got ideas that I am excited about. But I want more. FEED ME SEYMOUR.

*and okay, is there any non-caffeinated sweet slushy treat better than a Slush Puppy? It's all about the tiny icy pellets. Ice caps win if you include sweet, sweet caffeine, however.

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