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Dear Yuletide Letter

Dear Yuletide Writer,

First off, you are pretty awesome for volunteering to write in these (admittedly really tiny and weird) fandoms. I wish you all the best, and no matter what I end up with, I'm gonna love it, I assure you.

Things I adore:
In lightfic: Shenanigans! Humorous ensemble fic with a tiny wee bit of sentimentality lurking underneath. Strong friendships. Characters finding courage.

In darkfic: A creeping, gradual sense of dread. Characters trying to band together in the face of a horror and, perhaps, failing to do so due to their own personal conflicts.

Things I don't adore: Rapefic, hurt without comfort or gratuitous whumpfic. Half of the fandoms I chose are lighter than air when it comes to tone and the other half are pretty dark. I definitely want Somos and Slenderman to be dark in keeping with the canon material without going over-the-top gory or ridiculously depressing. At the same time, it shouldn't be sanitized. Um, I hope that doesn't come off as too contradictory. When in doubt, be in keeping with the spirit of the canon. I'm not looking for porn or too much romance this time around; I'll talk about my exception a little later in the post. Oh, and unless I mention it specifically, I'd rather not get any AUs.

And, as always, if the spirit moves you, please feel free to write something that isn't covered by my requests. These fandoms are so rare that fic for them, period, will make me pleased as punch.

1. Bad Machinery: Any

I'd love a lighthearted case study in which the two detective gangs have to (very reluctantly, I imagine) work together. The funnier the better!

I'm not looking for anything really more specific than this - if you read BM, then you know what kind of humor and tone I'd love in it. Silly is welcomed; so is romance if it comes in that awkward and hysterical confused pre-teen way. Angst as little as possible; feel free to gently mock the melodramatics of preteen emotions. As for what sort of mysteries the kids should face, "a wizard did it" is entirely acceptable and welcome.

2. Football RPF: Fernando Muslera, Diego Forlan, Jorge Fucile, Luis Suarez

I would love a gen ensemble or light shipping piece about as many members of the Uruguay NT as possible, set either during the WC or in the immediate aftermath. Shenanigans, hijinks, manhugging, and some Uruguayan patriotism would be most welcome. No WAG-bashing, too much angst, or explicit sex, please.

The sign-up wouldn't let me put THE ENTIRE URUGUAYAN NT, PLEASE, and I would be just as happy if you focused on these four dudes, but I was so bummed that some key members of the NT were left out of the characters list - El Maestro! Maxie Pereira, my favorite little failbot! Alvaro Pereira AKA Palito AKA Jorge Fucile's husband was a particularly vexing omission. By 'light shipping', I mean lots of cuddling and declarations of affection, as the guys are all over each other IRL. I would love some hijinks set during the WC or in Uruguay during the craziness that happened there, and their wide-eyed reactions to being so suddenly put onto the world stage. I would love a Fernando who's a little giraffe-clumsy and sweethearted, a Jorge who's a crazy-dressing prankster, a Luis who's a demon on the field and a total softie who loves his wife and baby off, and a Forlan who's totally shy, a little spacey, and in love with his lion cub. Slapstick is welcome in small amounts, as is the silly. If you want to write a totally sincere story, that's alright as well! Canonical details from behind the scenes videos and news pieces/interviews would be awesome, as there are so many amazing tidbits. As Jorge Fucile and Palito have publicly declared how they are in a "perfect marriage", one shouldn't write about one without the other, for example. Also, don't forget their weird/hysterical/actually sincerely inspiring sense of patriotism for everything Uruguayan - this team was like the best travelogue the country could ever hope for.

3. Slenderman Mythos: Any

While I'd prefer something set in the EverymanHYBRID verse, Marble Hornets is equally welcomed. Either way, I'd love a "missing video"-type piece, with creepy Slender shenanigans. Make me afraid to look over my shoulder while I read it without it being too gory. Character death is alright, but no rape, please.

A detailed transcript of a 'lost video' for either Marble Hornets or EverymanHYBRID would be incredible, but not mandatory. I've been more into EH lately because it's newer and recently updating, but Marble Hornets is the first big Slenderman 'project', if you will, so writing in the MH-verse is totally fine. I feel like the EH characters are more fleshed out, however, so it may well be easier to write about them. I would love to see the female cast get fleshed out - what happened to Jessa? What about Damsel's back story wrt how she got involved with Slendy in the first place? Whatever you choose to do, equal parts character and creepy would be excellent. Oh, and I prefer my Slenderman with little to no tentacles, please. And no Slendy/anyone - I know that 4Chan is all over sexing him up, but I'm a little leery of it.

4. Somos lo que Hay/We Are What We Are: Any- I said 'any' here because the character list is all messed up; I'd prefer fic focusing on Julian, Sabina and Alfredo, svp.

I would love this to focus on the sibling trio, either pre-film or some sort of post-film AU where the three of them stuck together and continued on elsewhere. Would they try to follow in the footsteps of their parents, or would conflict erupt? While you don't have to make it explicit, I'd love to see the Julian/Sabina connection explored in whatever direction you'd like to take it. All I'm going to ask for is no rape, please - this is a dark canon and you can be as dark (or not) as you wish. Character death is alright if the spirit moves you since it's, well, canon.

I would prefer keeping the parents and any other characters on the sidelines - to me, the sibling trio are the stars of the show, and I'd love fic that reflected this and focused on their fraught dynamics. If you choose to write a post-film AU where they all survived and ran off together, don't get too sunshiney with it - I'm sure their internal problems would be just as strong, if not stronger, if they were left to fend for themselves.

I would adore, adore, adore an Alfredo POV, since he seems to be simultaneously the most "normal" of the brood and the one with the most inner darkness. An exploration of Alfredo's struggle between the temptations of 'normal' life (ie- boys, though that's not all that's going on with him) and his responsibilities to his family would be super, super ace here.

Here is my aforementioned pairing exception: Julian and Sabina. It's never quite clear what, if anything, is going on between them, but Julian being in love/lust/confusion with her seems pretty canonical to me. You can approach this however you like, depending on your own interpretation of their relationship (since the finished film leaves it quasi-ambiguous as to whether it's reciprocated/consummated). I'd just prefer it to be a) backgrounded and not the focus of the fic and b) no non-con. Dubious consent would be fine, since this is a pretty fraught and incestuous relationship we're talking about.

Um, that sounds hella complicated, doesn't it? Please don't freak out and worry. You don't even have to touch the issue with a ten foot pole if you really can't do it.

I reaaaaaally hope that my tl;dr doesn't scare you off this fandom - I would be beyond thrilled if you wrote any fic at all. If you have a strong alternate idea, please go for it, as my goal is for there to be a story out there for this movie, period.

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