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the artist formerly known as oneangrykate ([personal profile] riseupwithfists) wrote2010-12-25 02:18 pm

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a) My Yuletide fic totally made my morning, guys and gals! I got this perfect fic about the Uruguayan national team that was everything I needed out of a Uruguay NT story: Cuento. Even if you don't know the source, I'd highly recommend reading it. It's that awesome. I will probably tl;dr about this more in the very near future, but the mulled wine is waiting and my lady wants to spend Christmas with me, so there's that. Thank you, anonymous author! You are great.

b) I've seen this offer around in slightly different forms, but I wanted to lay down this challenge to you, my lovelies. If anyone guesses which story I wrote in the Yuletide archive before the reveals, you get 1,000 words of either fiction or non-fiction. Anything you want. All guesses will be screened, because... because. This will either be impossible or incredibly easy, I can't decide. Also, SHOW YOUR WORK and tell me why you think I wrote it.

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