riseupwithfists: art from red hood lost days (jay: always fade)
the artist formerly known as oneangrykate ([personal profile] riseupwithfists) wrote2011-01-05 11:44 am

old woman yells at cloud

I wish that I could marry journalling's more in-depth conversations with Tumblr's speed and the recent migration of the sillier stuff. I'm lazy, what can I say; I'd much rather be a one-stop shopper, and updating even one thing on a semi-regular basis is apparently beyond me, let alone two or three. I enjoy Tumblr, don't get me wrong, and I don't want to sound like a crochety old harridan. One *can* have long conversations on Tumblr; perhaps I just find it harder to follow and aesthetically unpleasing.

This post is mainly for this gif, though:

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