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Huh. I had more of these than I expected! This is also Snippet Amnesty, since I don't see many of these actually getting finished other than Hey Kids.

a) Hey Kids, aka Adventures in Solitude, aka The Miraculous Autumn of Jaime Reyes, probably aka something else by the time I'm done with it. The Jaime epic story of epic. Keeps getting longer because there is nothing I love more than to get all my favorite Titans bantering at each other. Here, have a handful of tasty snippets:

“So is this becoming a thing for you now? With the randomly pulling me around and acting coy?”

Tim continues to - surprise - pull Jaime by the arm and act coy. “Now you're talking like an Aaron Sorkin character.”

“If I were an Aaron Sorkin character, I'd speechify a heck of a lot more about being a self-righteous yet vaguely guilty moderate liberal. Also, I'd be white.”


“Kon, do you remember how it felt back when people didn't take you very seriously?” Bart's found a pair of oversized safety goggles; with the clipboard, he looks like some kind of demented mad scientist.

Kon points at him with his sandwich. “Are you trying to make me learn a moral lesson? Cut that shit out.”


"Oh my God, and we wonder why we have recruitment problems?" Tim's mouth is open in faux-Valley Girl outrage. "Gee, I wonder why! Surely it has nothing to do with the fact that people keep joining up and DYING. Or bitching amongst ourselves more than actually getting anything done."

“What, you mean that you doubt our commitment to Sparkle Motion or something?”

“Of course he didn't mean it that way,” Jaime says, while Tim says, “That is absolutely what I mean.”


Jaime looked to the nearest person for confirmation. “So that's... Tim's... wig.”

Mia shrugged. “Batpeople, man. Whatcha gonna do.”

Okay, that's enough until the damn thing gets finished.

b) The aforementioned Paco and Kon's Excellent Adventure. Which I actually don't have any more of besides my sentence about the cows. Kon loves those cows, dude.

c) Apocalyptic fic idea originally conceived back when I thought I was doing apocabigbang. Wherein the first generation of heroes is all but wiped out, and now Dick's generation (and Tim's!) are in charge of resettling the Earth's survivors. Every time I try to write this, it starts sounding like the political stuff in Battlestar Galactica. I can't decide whether I like that or not.

"I can do diplomacy. You charm the pants off of everyone and I'll threaten to blow shit up."

"You are definitely outlawed from any and all diplomatic missions, Jay."

"Shame." Jason knows that it's entirely inappropriate, but he can't stop grinning these days. Something about the way that everyone's too preoccupied to grump at him lately.

d) Post Adventure Comics #3 fic: the non-happy version! I totally want to write a happyish continuation of that issue, but I haven't actually figured out the angle for it yet.

He kisses Tim because he's seen that look before – on Cassie, on sunny girls who tossed their glossy hair over their shoulders, giggling. That look mapped onto Tim's face is unsettling in its fierceness, a Kryptonite sucker-punch. And his body's all wrong but Kon's run out of other ways to keep Tim from going again, again.

e) A riff on Gloss' Battle for the Couch that sadly never came to much.

Tim jabs his finger towards Jay's chest like an outraged housewife. “I don't know what kind of head game you're playing-”

“Yes, that's exactly it, duckling. I'm leading poor innocent Dickie astray by using my brotherly wiles. He weeps every night as I suck his cock.”

Man, know what I miss? DRABBLES. Those were the days.

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