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2010-07-19 10:35 pm
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So I signed up for [community profile] mundane_bingo in the hopes of getting my fiction writing muscles back into shape, and my card has arrived!

mah card, let me show you it )

I have an insanely good one for "eating a meal". Or maybe it's just insane. Anyone wanna help me brainstorm?
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2010-07-10 09:19 pm

Summer Fic Amnesty!

A few months back, I mentioned to some of you that I was trying to write a current canon Tim story. Or, rather, me attempting to make current canon Tim a Tim I would like to write about, because GOOD NIGHT I have some issues with the past year or so of DC Bat-stuff. Sadly, I don't think it's gonna happen, even though I really wanted it to, but that's no reason not to share some of it with the world. The following includes the Kate-cap of the last few issues of Red Robin, my reaction(s) to it, and my attempted solution in the shape of fic, with commentary on the stuff I was planning on writing.

Don't expect anything amazing here. This is more about getting the idea out out so I don't feel guilt about it anymore.

WIP AMNESTY: Sweet Talk, Sweet Talk )
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2010-06-21 09:34 am

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I'm calling it already: Toy Story 3 is the film to beat for best of the year. It's also the saddest film I've seen in quite some time. It's everything that the genre should be, and it's funny that this franchise is still the gold standard for the last fifteen or so years of animation; nobody does it better.

I hope that everyone is having a grand Monday morning. I'm currently drinking some coffee, preparing to watch the last episode of Treme (I'M SO EXCITED! I'M SO SCARED!) and trying to get back into the swing of writing:

-there's the Jaime story that's a deleted scene from Adventures in Solitude that J's been waiting for me to finish for ages (and I can actually finish it now that I've found my long-misplaced notebook!).

-I've got a ramble in me about the New Pornographers concert I went to last week, tying into my long post of notes, commentary, and annotations on Adventures in Solitude.

-I've got a Jason story that needs to be told (any other details would be spoilery).

-Annnnnd Tumblr spam of Wondercassie back when she was a wee tomboy baby dyke has inspired me to write Cassie and Titans ladies fic.

What should I try my hand at first?
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2010-06-15 07:43 pm

i already tumbld this but this needs to be spread far and wide

If you don't want to be spoiled by a special effects test run for a theoretical blue beetle series, don't click on this link.


It's already been a long month and I'm really in the sort of mood where I will bite someone's head off if poked, so anything more negative than "I HOPE THIS IS GOOD BC IT WOULD BE AWFUL IF IT SUCKED" is somewhat discouraged. Let's try to be positivefacers for now, yeah?
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2010-05-30 05:17 pm
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Intersectionality: you can has it.

Ugh, I've stopped and restarted this several times, and inside me there's a much longer version of this post in which I explore in depth the problems with navigating in the world that we live in and what that says about how we navigate fannish space, and also the problems I've been having lately with the concept of fannish policing, but I will say this:

Can we stop conflating not writing/shipping het pairings (or not writing/shipping an equal ratio of male/male and female/female pairings) with misogyny? Please? It's a lot more complicated than that, and I've been seeing a lot of very dense, difficult issues compressed into a dismissive simplicity that isn't necessarily accurate.

Not to mention the fact that I personally don't write or ship het (with a few queered exceptions) because I am queer and am in fandom partly in order to escape all that het stuff.

(Also, if you don't think this is about you, then it probably isn't. I just felt like I had to be cranky in my own space rather than wank it up in the spaces of others.)

ETA: To be clear, I thoroughly enjoy reading and sometimes writing what I call "queered-up het", and my scorn is most certainly not including this realm of fandom.

ETAx2: Jube, as usual, hits the nail right on the fucking head.
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2010-05-26 10:17 pm
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First off, awesome story is awesome: Like Ice is Cold, by [personal profile] gloss the Magnificent. I've said this over at the post itself, but this is the best Cassie story I have ever read. The insight into what makes her Wonderful self tick is fantastic.

Also, I've started to fill up the ficlet prompts:

-Power Girl and Atlee do their thang.

The Jaime and Scarab Show, take two hundred.

More are welcome, of course. I'm working on Jaime/Tim/Scarab but it's turning in a slightly depressio thing so it's not up yet.
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2010-04-30 10:15 am

Aggh crunchtime agggh.

The Big Bang draft is due at 11:59 TONIGHT. I can make the deadline, but it might be a bumpy ride, seeing as my favorite scene hasn't really been written yet. Whoops.

I CAN DO IT, THOUGH. Part of which is turning off the internet until tonight, so this is my post out into the great wild internet yonder.

PRESENT BEFORE I GO: David Bazan - Fewer Broken Pieces this song is so recent canon Tim that it is scary:

one good friend remarks with a rightfully angry
"jesus, dude, none of us know what to do with you."
i in my pride responded "i've got news for you
none of you have to."

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2010-04-15 07:52 pm



I was going to restart my writing juices by writing drabbles/short ficlets for my own benefit set in the universe of the story so I could get back into the feel of it all, and I was going to prompt myself by going all shuffley on my I-Tunes, but then the third song I got back was this and got all wibbly. Yeah yeah yeah it's the anthem of choice for all sad bastard teenagers, but not too long ago I was that sad bastard teenager and I hadn't heard the song in ages.

And the worst part is that it totally inspired me to construct backstory that won't actually go into the story but is succeeding wrt getting back into the writing groove and thinking about this particular universe. Curse you, sad bastard music!
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2010-04-14 04:13 pm
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COMICSBIGBANG NEEDS ARTISTS. There are a few left in particular that will break my heart if they're not accounted for. So if you're artistically inclined (and fanmixes/icons are now being allowed as well) consider taking a gander.
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2010-04-13 06:08 pm
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Amidst all of the end of semester stress, RL stress and editing my damn Jaime story, I suddenly want to sign up for Ladies Big Bang to write a story where, instead of falling victim to the Arrow family's abundant manpain, Lian and Mia are knocked into 616 New York right before before that certain plotpoint in Cry for Justice and, heh. Marvel at this brave new world, with such Avengers in it.

This would eventually become really hot Mia/Kate Bishop pornshipping in between the fish out of water shenanigans and fix-it ficcisms.
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2010-03-13 12:08 pm

as i shuffle guiltily back from my mini-hiatus

I'd like to thank everyone who left good wishes on my last post. I'd like to especially thank Jube, who threatened me with dismemberment (with love!) when I was considering binning my story and leaving fandom in a huff. (Though for the record, I still think Jason needs to set up a phone poll for this bullshit. But I digress.)

So. The rough draft deadline for comicsbigbang is coming up at the end of the month. I'll be out of the country and without internet at the end of the month, so I was wanting to turn it in by the 28th or so.

Consequently, I AM LOOKING FOR A FEW GOOD BETA READERS. I already have a couple who I know will definitely read it, but I'd like, how should I put this? I want people who have either never read my fiction before or who haven't known me for very long. I guess I'm focus-grouping this in a way; I want people who know me and know what I'm trying to accomplish, but I also want readers who don't necessarily know that because the audience won't know me for the most part. There is no set number; if you wanna read, you can read.


Oh! And if anyone doesn't know yet, the story stars Jaime "Made of Awesome" Reyes and costars various Titans, various Reyes, and a few... interesting cameos.

Vampire Abed thanks you in advance.

ETA: Thank you, darlings, I have a good number now, though if you absolutely must have in on this gravy train I will not say no. ([personal profile] gloss and [personal profile] jubilancy, your inclusion was automatically assumed and I hope that's alright. :)
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2010-03-03 07:44 pm

ugh, I don't even know what icon to use for this post.

Gay for Justice finished today. I made the mistake of reading it. Which is the equivalent of putting my hand on the stove, I know, but I wanted to read it firsthand. )
Though I did get my hands on Girl Comics #1 today and I heartily recommend it, as it is a breath of fresh air. Fun fresh air that unfortunately didn't do a lick of good for me.

tl;dr version: Temporary hiatus. Be excellent to each other.
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2010-02-26 05:23 pm

Dear Geoff Johns (first in a series?)

Since you are now the new creative boss of DC Comics, allow me to give a few suggestions on how to solve a particular thorn in your company's side.

How do you solve a problem like Teen Titans? )

Alright, back to Tennyson.
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2010-02-24 04:50 pm
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Note to self: You could call your CBB story Beetle Husbandry. Nobody is going to stop you.

But you probably shouldn't. Save it for that epic Jaime/Scarab screwball comedy you may or may not write someday.

The real purpose of this post is to announce that my goal is to write five thousand words + by Monday. Or else... something. Hold me accountable, Internets.
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2010-02-19 03:07 pm

a strangely fandom-filled, strangely lengthy post

Oh my god, is DC going to fall into a black hole of endless Lantern events and variant covers now that Johns is in charge at the asylum?

(Countdown to the storyline adapted from Geoff Johns' fanfiction drawer [bc you know he has one] where Cassie, Kon and Tim have to have a threesome to save the universe: begins now.)

Meme du jour: Leave a comment on this post and I will pick three of your fandoms. Then you get to answer the following questions. Except that three sounds like a bit much, so I'll do one or two because these are a lot of questions. [personal profile] haunted prompted me for the following:
meme meme )

Finally, a very special pic.

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2010-02-10 01:41 pm
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Ohmygod, you guys.

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2010-02-05 04:51 pm
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I spent the afternoon transferring some of my less embarrassing comics fic over here for posterity. Everything had been spread out over multiple journals and I'm pondering deleting my LJ and I'm a control freak at heart. I didn't transfer anything pre-comics because a) that was forever ago and b) well, I just didn't.

The selections are available in my fic filter. Upon looking back, there's a fuckton of Bart up in there. My loyalties, let me show you them.
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2010-01-26 10:32 pm

halfass drunken meme

Okay, so I haven't been participating in the chromatic recasting meme for various reasons, including the fact that I am lazy*. But I just noticed that nobody's recasted the Young Avengers yet which is a fucking travesty because Read more... )

*and also because when I cast my favorite characters, I want to cast ALL of my favorite characters. Which is my way of saying INTERNET, BRING ME PICTURES OF ADORABLE POTENTIAL JAIME REYESES.

ETA: Fuckit, here's a few moar. )
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2010-01-11 12:45 pm
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I am quite tempted to sign up for Comics Big Bang for the express purpose of getting my shit done, aka the longfic I've been working on for quite some time. While I'm planning on finishing this thang either way, this could also scratch my itch re: wanting to participate in a fandommy shindig again.

Pros to this notion:

-I could spend the next month focusing on school/life disasters/other fiction and then finish the story at my quasi-leisure.

-I work better under deadlines imposed by others and not myself. Also, the deadline is not ridiculously close, but also close enough so I don't lose all interest in the ideas I'm working with. I also really like the month gap between the rough draft being due and the final draft being due, as I adore/abhor/adore the editing process and therefore need a lot of time.

-The story is already in the neighborhood of 20-something-thousand words, so meeting the length requirements in the time permitted will not be a problem.

-Part of me is secretly in love with the story and would love an audience for it. If I freak out about this, I can always drop out.


Cons to this notion:

-I try to avoid fandom deadlines and challenges since I usually crash and burn in dramatic fashion (this may well be offset by the fact that I have more than the minimum in story already).

-Aforementioned deadline could cause me to procrastinate like a motherfucker in a way which wouldn't have happened if I were on my own deadline.

-The fic as currently imagined involves various multimedia elements (playlists, easter eggs, etc) which might be too complicated for a fic under a Big Bang banner. Feel free to correct me on this one, as I've never signed up for one before and therefore am not fully aware of what's considered to be "too much".

-The fic will be given more publicity and I still do not know if I want more than four people reading it (Please file this one under "My Issues").

-Fandom and I aren't really speaking to each other much these days, and the resulting reintroduction might be too weird (file this one under "My Issues" as well).

What should I do, oh trusted ones? I think I know the answer, but you know. The important thing is to get this baby out into the world with as little fuss as possible.
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2009-11-24 07:34 pm
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a thought and a question

a) My hatred for Damien Wayne and my hatred for Adam Lambert*: STRANGELY SIMILAR, especially measured against fandom's widespread love for them.

b) I have just now realized that "Competence Porn" John Rogers and "wrote twenty-odd issues of THE BEST COMICS EVER WITH 'BEETLE' IN THE NAME" John Rogers are one and the same! Would I enjoy Leverage? Are there those half-jokey, half-derisive gay jokes that plague most of television these days? I seriously can't handle gay jokes in my media right now, it's like one more knife in the eye.

*which isn't hatred really so much as extreme ambivalence which soars into annoyance when fandom treats him as the Gay Messiah. I hate to be the negative political Nancy (okay, so I kinda like) but two queer kids were fucking slaughtered last week. I know what I give more of a shit about. So please don't turn the comments into telling me how much I should love Adam Lambert? The week I've been having and that my community has been having, I will seriously cut you.