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as i shuffle guiltily back from my mini-hiatus

I'd like to thank everyone who left good wishes on my last post. I'd like to especially thank Jube, who threatened me with dismemberment (with love!) when I was considering binning my story and leaving fandom in a huff. (Though for the record, I still think Jason needs to set up a phone poll for this bullshit. But I digress.)

So. The rough draft deadline for comicsbigbang is coming up at the end of the month. I'll be out of the country and without internet at the end of the month, so I was wanting to turn it in by the 28th or so.

Consequently, I AM LOOKING FOR A FEW GOOD BETA READERS. I already have a couple who I know will definitely read it, but I'd like, how should I put this? I want people who have either never read my fiction before or who haven't known me for very long. I guess I'm focus-grouping this in a way; I want people who know me and know what I'm trying to accomplish, but I also want readers who don't necessarily know that because the audience won't know me for the most part. There is no set number; if you wanna read, you can read.

Be forewarned that this will be a rough draft. The framework of the story will be there, and it'll be a complete storyline as the ending is actually pretty fleshed out, but some scenes will not be as extensively written as they will be in the final product. I'll insert notes when necessary to explain what's missing. There may be some dialogue-only scenes. Also, I'm still working on the multimedia bits/deciding how much I actually want to include, so there will be notes telling you what's missing there, too. What I'm mostly looking for is overall plot coherence. This is the longest fanfiction of mine that's come anywhere near to being posted, and I've been working on this particular idea since, oh, July or so. That means that the details and emotional thrust have changed since I first started writing it, and I want to make sure that there aren't abrupt changes in tone that don't work (I'm all for abrupt changes in tone if they do work). Other things I'm worried about: forward plot momentum, the humor, the characterization, the sex scenes. By god, I'm worried about the sex scenes. Annnnd if certain plot twists are stupidly awesome or just awesomely stupid (there are two in particular that you will know when you see). So, pretty much, everything. WHUPS. You can be as specific or general as you like, though, I'm not necessarily looking for a line-by-line deal. I want your thoughty thoughts, I want your braiiiiins.

I don't necessarily need you guys to be up on canon, either. I'm not up on canon, I'm ignoring some canon, and I'm making a few major departures that will be pretty evident when you're reading the thing. Hell, you don't even have to be in comics (though some basic knowledge would probably help so maybe you do?).

Other than that, I'm going to leave things up to you re: how you want to respond to the story. I'm not expecting miles of feedback! This shouldn't be an awful thing to have to slog through. Just be honest. I can take it.

IF YOU THINK YOU ARE UP FOR THIS, comment and we'll swap info if I don't already have it. Let me know if you want me to screen your comments or something, I will understand. I hope I didn't make this sound like a Herculean task; like mentioned before, I am mainly interested in the overall success of the story, and am intending this to be a movie-style focus group. I'm not worried about small nitpicks or grammar stuff at the moment (though I hope that my grammar is mostly alright and if there's a small thing that's bugging you, by all means just say it). The real nitty gritty will come in April when I come closer to actually posting it. (Contradictory? Me? NEVER.)

I will be sending the file out by the end of next weekend. Oh! And it's currently around 22,000 words, though that will probably be changing by the end of next week, probably for the smaller. ('For the smaller?' Jesus.)

Oh! And if anyone doesn't know yet, the story stars Jaime "Made of Awesome" Reyes and costars various Titans, various Reyes, and a few... interesting cameos.

Vampire Abed thanks you in advance.

ETA: Thank you, darlings, I have a good number now, though if you absolutely must have in on this gravy train I will not say no. ([personal profile] gloss and [personal profile] jubilancy, your inclusion was automatically assumed and I hope that's alright. :)
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[personal profile] mona 2010-03-13 06:29 pm (UTC)(link)

Anyway, I'm glad to hear your huff was forestalled, justified though it would be, since lately, even just thinking about Bart + Jaime and Mia/Cassie in the same story has been giving me daily joy. IDEK, NO PRESSURE THOUGH. :D: So yeah, obviously I up for this and then some - email is praghag at yahoo. :)

p.s. Though for the record, I still think Jason needs to set up a phone poll for this bullshit.

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[personal profile] semtex 2010-03-13 08:37 pm (UTC)(link)
IAWTC re: Jason setting up a phone poll
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[personal profile] sockich 2010-03-13 07:53 pm (UTC)(link)
I think it's been established by now that I suck at any form of coherent, constructive feedback, but I would love to read the story. Like, very much so. :D (sockich_star [at] yahoo.co.uk)

♥Vampire Abed♥
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[personal profile] semtex 2010-03-13 08:35 pm (UTC)(link)
Hello, I am a comics!n00b. :D? If you still need a beta, email me at puppyplot@gmail.com.