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a thought and a question

a) My hatred for Damien Wayne and my hatred for Adam Lambert*: STRANGELY SIMILAR, especially measured against fandom's widespread love for them.

b) I have just now realized that "Competence Porn" John Rogers and "wrote twenty-odd issues of THE BEST COMICS EVER WITH 'BEETLE' IN THE NAME" John Rogers are one and the same! Would I enjoy Leverage? Are there those half-jokey, half-derisive gay jokes that plague most of television these days? I seriously can't handle gay jokes in my media right now, it's like one more knife in the eye.

*which isn't hatred really so much as extreme ambivalence which soars into annoyance when fandom treats him as the Gay Messiah. I hate to be the negative political Nancy (okay, so I kinda like) but two queer kids were fucking slaughtered last week. I know what I give more of a shit about. So please don't turn the comments into telling me how much I should love Adam Lambert? The week I've been having and that my community has been having, I will seriously cut you.
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Yeah, how is it that fandom only cares about (male) queers when it's convenient and entertaining? Marriage and Lambert, never anything troubling.

...I did not make the Rogers connection! I have been avoiding Leverage because of Christian Fucking Kane + fandom, but I hear consistently good things about it. So.
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I have to believe that this is a joke. IT'S A JOKE, RIGHT?
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Re: PS

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I hate the world
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I think Leverage would be good stupid tv for the holiday, I do. It's not pretending to be The Wire or anything. (Also good & stupid: Psych. <333)

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You know, I hate the fucking marriage thing because people can still be fired from their jobs for being gay. I mean, yes, marriage is nice and all, but fucking, can we get the other basic life-wrecking things done first? And no one cares. And I can't figure out if I am okay with all these people who don't come out anymore because it's no longer important to them. Can we be post-gay when we're still in 1958 in half the country?

On top of which, I am fucking tired of being told gays should be nice and normal so straight people like us. Like, fucking, accept our queens, and butch chicks, and everyone in between or get out.

uh. not that you care. Just...I am so pissed off after reading all these the gays on tv are now hurting the cause articles. anyway.
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Yes, that one! I thought I saw another one as well, but maybe it was the same thing in more than one place.

But it's not a new idea, and I loathe it so goddamn much. Though it does make me think of Patrick Stewart in Jeffrey going GET HER in the best gay voice ever. I miss my copy of that movie.

Also, am I missing all the awesome gay movies now? Because I had Jeffrey, and Billy's First Hollywood Screen Kiss, and It's my Party, and I mean, they weren't high art, but the last movie I remember seeing that was gay and enjoyable was The Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls in Love, and then uhhh, shit, that one with Dean Cain and Timothy Olymphant? Oh god, the Dawson's Creek guy made it and I can not remember the name but I can recite half the dialogue. I hate getting older.
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THE ROGERS CONNECTION IS WHY I STARTED WATCHING LEVERAGE seriously, the first season is really damn good, and I'd have to rewatch it because it's been a while, but I do not remember there being any homophobia or gay jokes in the show. I mostly remember fond thoughts of gleeful team bonding over committing crimes to stop criminals.

I have not yet watched second season (my interest in hour-long television is at a low ebb right now), so I cannot speak to that. But the first season is my Happy Place. It is, in fact, a perfect, completely sealed piece of television joy, and if you want to stop there it is perfectly willing to let you. It's like a big, pre-housebroken dumb puppy that only wants to love you and make you happy.

(As for the Christian Kane thing raised in comments, I really didn't care enough about ANGEL or whatever other shows he's been on before to recognize him so I don't know what that's about. I actually thought he was a wrestler guy before someone pointed out that he was Lindsey or however you spell that, that's how much I noticed any of that.)

Also argh Adam Lambert. I have friends who LOVE HIM but honestly I am ... kind of getting so fucking tired of him because unlike everyone ever I think his singing is horrible and his status in fandom as some sort of ... torchbearer creeps me the fuck out.
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As for the Christian Kane thing raised in comments...so I don't know what that's about.
Kate knows my issues.
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No, I meant I didn't get the immediate froth his presence on the show set up within fandom (and only marginally understand a little better now), not what sets you on edge about it. I was talking about the fannish behavior you were responding to, which I've seen a little bit of, not your issues with it.
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a) wait, fandom loves damien? i...what? i thought i was being all crazy-radical by not hating him quite so much anymore.

b) i had not made that connection either! huh. cool!

i do like leverage. i don't think there were any gay jokes, but they might have been on a day when i was in a la-la-la mood so i don't want to swear to it. there is a huge chunk of moralizing about which people deserve better than being screwed over and left poor (hint: usually one person or family per episode, always with a heartwarming story attached; usually some variety of "just plain folks"; there's a strong preference for veterans). sometimes it bothers me and sometimes i don't care in the slightest, so, y'know.
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Just because they both like to stab a bitch sometimes does not make them alike. And Jason tried to kill Tim for actual reasons, and because he was having mental issues, not because he's a whiny cunty ten year old vile sucker.

wow. I am like having a lot of rage on your journal. sorry.
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Their line of thinking seems to be that if I love Jason, then I must love Damien?

!@&%#&@divide by cucumber error: reboot universe, y/n?

there is no way those two should coexist without deeply unpleasant levels of violence.

This sounds like it could be right up my alley, I have SUCH a weakness for this kind of show.

it is utterly cute really a lot of the time, and if you ignore the fact that fandom appears to care about kane for unknown reasons, he makes a great third for the hardison/parker/elliot ot3. (i recommend second season if you want to like nate and sophie.) the capers are...silly? but in a fun, clever-geeks-sticking-it-to-the-man kind of way.
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there is no way those two should coexist without deeply unpleasant levels of violence.

Well. Jason's 30 birthday present to me was shooting the little bastard so. er, maybe that does not count as unpleasant.
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but two queer kids were fucking slaughtered last week

When? What?

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oh my god. This guy is claiming he dismembered what looks like the most harmless kid on earth because he had a prison flashback? TO WHAT?

I don't even understand that second one...it's I'm so much more horrified that Project Innocence got that guy out because I support them. Look at these kids, they're so tiny.

I accepted his sexual preferences," she said. "But I told him, 'You're young and don't understand life.' I told him, 'Plenty of young women would love to be with you.' He said he likes boys. Young people don't like to listen to adults, but I told him I'm not going to push him away."

I don't know what to think of that really. I mean it's nice that she wasn't pushing him away, but why do people always think it's something people grow out of? Especially guys. When the hell does that ever happen?

I don't even understand why Adam Lambert is even really a topic of conversation so much since I don't even understand what he did that was such a big deal. He mimic'd Velvet Goldmine, so what? I mean, stonewall was in 1969, haven't straight people gotten the fuck over this shit yet?

[personal profile] dorrie6 2009-11-25 02:11 pm (UTC)(link)
a) I am utterly baffled by Lambert love. And I'd be furious and embarrassed if anyone was trying to make him my spokesperson or whatever. He's not especially talented, certainly not smart, and kind of... empty. That's my impression of him, anyway, based on what I've seen of him. I don't even know who Damien Wayne is. What kind of person does that make me?

b) I enjoy Leverage. Mostly for the female characters and Hardison, who is a nerd icon. I can't promise anything about gay jokes, though. I don't remember any, but there are so many things I mentally brace myself for whenever I watch television (lately the one getting me is constant portrayal of overweight people as gluttonous, food-obsessed pigs) my shields are pretty indestructible and may have deflected them.
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[personal profile] torachan 2009-11-25 06:38 pm (UTC)(link)
Not sure what you mean by gay jokes? I know there was one episode where Eliot and Alec pretended to be a couple for a heist, but that's the only thing that I remember. (I have a horrible memory for stuff, though, so there could have been more that I've forgotten about.)

I think Adam Lambert is cute and his music is catchy, but it seems like every time I hear something about him as a person it just irks me more and more.