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oldish meme? newish meme?

Give me a character or a pairing* that I have written about lately/have talked about writing about lately/am obviously just fond of and I will make you, the requester, a four to six song playlist for the character and pairing, accompanied by me gabbing about it. I'd usually have a drabble option, but I'm currently in the middle of the magical land of term papers and therefore have to save my writing energy, sadly.

*Except Jaime/Tim. You'll be getting that one soon enough. Jaime/anyone else is entirely fair game.
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Tim and Dick! I want to compare yours to mine! I can post mine later if you want?
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okay! I will be doing mine in a post so I can put in YT links to the songs! I look forward to yours!


This post here.
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Re: here 'tis!

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Oh I wanted to say: Think Locally, Fuck Globally is now one of my favorite songs. I meant to thank you for it 1000 years ago.

Plus, as soon as I read about the prom that will not be discussed I had a flash to the reeducation classes and I want that to happen.

So Drake for America still lives in me. Wait that sounds creepy. YAY MUSIC THANKS.
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kon? (i kind of want to ask for kon/paco! but i'm also kind of terrified of it.)
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Adventure - Be Your Own Pet: this is my quintessential Young Justicey song, as far as I'm concerned.

okay, i am loving this whole mix, but THIS SONG OMG is making me get all nostalgic and sniffly and i just want to draw sparkly protective hearts around the whole of those kids.

Stronger - Kanye West: More like KONye, amirite?

bwee! see, this is totally a kon song, you are very right, but up until now this was a ranma/ryouga song in my head and now my head is all jumbled up with crazy and crazier kids!


*keeps playlist on repeat for a while longer*
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(AHAHAHAHA same here. Oh god. Kon/Paco would most likely include a lot of Lonely Island and this song.)

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One of Us Is Gonna Die Young - The Ark: Oh god, you probably have this song already. I think people hated me back in LJ fandom when I touted it as my favorite Tim/Kon song. It still is.

and see, whatever (BIG) fuckups dc has had lately -- at least this isn't quite so much a terribly emo love song anymore! ;)
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Mystery Solving Teens? :D?

And if you haven't got anything for them (I mean, they don't even have names, it's totally understandable), Jason Todd!
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Oooh, I recognise a couple of these songs, and from the commentary I'll like the rest of them! Thanks!
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mona: nightwing is shown poster of his unloved little brother trapped inside a blob of monster bile. changes his perspective. (dick/jason...ish)

fjklsjdfklsdfjs why am i irl loling so hard

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THIS IS AWESOME. Your taste in music is good and you should feel good!

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mona: catwoman and her TOTALLY NOT A SIDEKICK holly are the cutest mentor/mentoree couple i've read so far (holly and selina)

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4. Walking After You - Foo Fighters: I'm on yr back, indeed.


YOU ARE SO GOOD AT THIS, these are great! And "creepy love with Jaime" is a PERFECTLY REASONABLE EXPLANATION FOR SONG CHOICE. Because it is so perfectly true. :D
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I do the same exact thing! Except with...........icons!

Yeah, that's a lot less exciting, huh. lol /o\

(No rush, BB! So many of my emails tend to be a lot of words with very little substance, I don't even think there was much in there to reply to, ultimately. lolol especially as it was mostly just an excuse to tell you how excited I am that OUT OF ALL THE JAIME AND BLUE BEETLE AND COMICS ok based on what she's read that basically means Blue Beetle and Outsiders BUT STILL, OTPS IN THE WORLD, MY FRIEND CHOSE JAIME/SCARAB. *___* Such is the power of Khaji-da's creepy love.)
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I looove your Kon mix a lot!